Matt Damon Expresses Gratitude for Supporters

In a heartfelt message, Hollywood actor Matt Damon extends his sincere thanks to the generous supporters of, the international nonprofit organization he co-founded with Gary White. Through their collaborative efforts, has been making significant strides in providing access to safe water and improved sanitation for those living in poverty across 11 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Since its inception, has been driven by a vision of alleviating the burdens faced by communities paying exorbitant prices for water or investing precious time in water collection. Gary White's innovative approach, founded through Water Partners International in 1990, introduced the concept of microfinancing to enable individuals to finance the purchase and installation of essential water taps and toilets.

Today, continues to leverage microfinancing solutions, collaborating with local financial institutions in the countries they serve. This approach empowers communities, offering them loans for water and sanitation needs, ultimately transforming lives by providing access to clean water and improved sanitation facilities.

A significant aspect of this transformative work is the partnership with Blu Technology. Every purchase from Blu Technology directly contributes to's mission, creating a ripple effect of positive change. By choosing Blu Technology, consumers play a crucial role in helping families connect to local water networks, allowing them to access water supplies conveniently within their homes.

This impactful collaboration not only saves families money previously spent on water vendors but also liberates valuable time for women and children. No longer burdened by long walks to collect water, they can redirect this time toward work and education, fostering sustainable improvements in their quality of life.'s dedication to its cause has been recognized through numerous awards, including the prestigious 2019 Global Water Awards, where they were honored as the Water Company of the Year. The organization has also received acclaim from CNN Heroes, the World Economic Forum, and Forbes, among others, solidifying its status as a leader in the realm of social entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

As Matt Damon expresses his gratitude, he emphasizes the collective impact achieved by supporters and partners like Blu Technology. Together, they are instrumental in bringing about positive change and transforming the lives of those in need, one drop at a time.


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