Blu Technology's Story

Corbin Collet (CEO & President), Brian Brandan (EVP of Design and Development), Pierce Fitzpatrick (VP of Commercial Development) and John Sztykiel (EVP of Businesses Development)

Blu Technology LLC., was created and Co-Founded in 2021 by Corbin Collet (CEO & President), Brian Brandan (EVP of Design and Development), Pierce Fitzpatrick (VP of Commercial Development) and John Sztykiel (EVP of Businesses Development).

Corbin and Brian are the business owners of Blu Perspective that nationally employs over 200 employees and has been in operation for over 15 years. Both Corbin and Brian are highly educated successful businessmen who own several companies, and are also very versed entrepreneurs, angel investors and well-established inventors.

John and Piece were the Co-Founders of NoDirtyWater (NDW)/No Dirty Earth. John is the son of the successful businessman, George Sztykiel, who created Spartan Motors, where John was appointed as the CEO before retiring early on, August 11, 2014. John has since been exploring various business ventures. Pierce Fitzpatrick holds a Masters in Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University and is our sales manager.

The Flint Michigan's water crisis woke us up to the the world's water crisis situation. This INSPIRED us to create, Our Brand Blu Technology (Blu Tech), with Our Slogan "No Dirty Water"! We at Blu Technology are motivated by Our Mission to develop innovative products utilizing NEW TECHNOLOGIES to deliver clean water solutions with OUR FOCUS BEING EVERYONE because ALL DESERVE CLEAN HEALTHY WATER!!

"No Dirty Water" is Blu Technology's Passion! Developing Innovative Solutions for the World's Water Problems is our Mission!

Blu Tech has a strong love for humanity, enjoys giving back plus passionate about health and wants to help the world's water problems!

Blu Technology's main office, technical center and manufacturing facility are located in Portage, Michigan.

*No Dirty Water (nodirtywater) and Blu Technology are trademarks of Blu Technology, LLC.