Purpose in Action

With Our Purpose to bring Water Crisis Awareness, Our Passion for No Dirty Water and Our Hope to save lives, Blu Technology donates a portion of it's proceeds to water.org.

Real impact on Real Lives:

Mumina,  Indonesia

Before getting affordable access to safe water at home, Mumina spent her days doing little more than walking to fill vessels of water. And, when her local water source was dry, Mumina had to pay a large portion of her husband's earnings to buy the water their family needed to survive.

Mumina's past struggle to give her family water is why her present is something to be celebrated. Mumina has water every day now. No longer struggling to find water for her family morning to night, Mumina spends her time earning income, she gardens, she has time to spend with her children, and...Mumina smiles because today she is very happy with her life in Indonesia.