Blu Technology Affiliate Details and Agreement

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Blu Technology Affiliate.  We take our Affiliate relationship seriously and limit our relationships to:

 - Affiliates that have a sincere interest in our products and sharing in our purpose of raising awareness around water quality.

 - Affiliates that desire to use the product for the education to their viewers and provide an honest and non-incentivized review.

 - Affiliates that are willing to collaborate for the betterment of the Blu Technology brand, developing new ideas and ways to get the message to their viewers.

 - Affiliates that will highlight product improvement areas, new ideas and thoughts of messages that will better share our story

* As an Affiliate, you will be asked to test new products before they are released,  As part of this, you may be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

We do not welcome Affiliates that are looking for only free products, as this is an interactive relationship, including interviews and ongoing follow ups.  We see our affiliates as an extension of the Blu Technology Team.

Thank you!

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Affiliate Contract (part of the agreement while signing up)


By signing up online for our program and/or accepting free products, the affiliate and/or influencer acknowledges and agrees to enter into this binding contract with Blu Technology LLC.


We are also now offering a refer a friend for those who believe in the product, but would like a little incentive to pass along the good news.