Patented Blu Tech's Water Filtration Technology and Systems

Blu Tech has designed, developed and patented the World's 1st Ultra Compact, Lightweight, Durable and High Flow Rate Water Filtration System capable of filtering up to 2,000 gallons a day. 

Blu's water filter technology out performs any other multi-stage or RV inline water filter system on the market AND our 5 inch filter is the most compact system on the market!

Our 0.2 micron and coconut charcoal filtration systems combination produces safe, tasty drinking water and are rated with a life of 3-4 months*.

✅Trusted Filtration; 1, 2 and 3 stage water filtration systems features our Blu Technology 0.2 micron HIGH FLOW RATE filter.  It is joined by our coconut charcoal filter to improve taste on our 2 stage systems. The 3 stage systems adds a sediment filter that remove large particles which extends filter life.

✅ Our 0.2 micron high flow filters address contaminates commonly associated with well water and city water which are very small submicron contaminates. Our Competitors boast of 1-5 micron filters yet we provide far Superior Protection with our 0.2 micron filters. (Smaller micron size means greater protection)

✅ Reliable Performance - Get up to 2,000 gallons a day with a High Flow Rate at a minimum of 3gpm
✅ Blu uses the Highest Quality and Safest materials that are used in restaurants and hospitals, such as Stainless Steel fittings versus BRASS, Stainless Steel housings and Stainless Steel fastenersdue to the possible associated health risks and corrosion resistance! Plus Carbon Fiber frames for weight reduction, strength, durability and longevity of the device.
✅Designed For RVs and the Adventurer on the Go -
Stainless Steel Quick Connects that allow quick connect/disconnect of the systems from city water or well water at any campground.
Compact, Lightweight and DURABLE - The perfect addition to your camping accessories. Aluminum cross members and an Ultra lightweight polycarbonate carbon fiber frame.

Main Bullet Points on our Filtration Systems:
● Dual high-performance filters, Blu Tech OFFGRID filter to address certain heavy metals and organic/inorganic compounds in addition to bacteria and viruses, 
● Coconut/Charcoal filters for added taste and odor removal
● Sediment Filter to remove large particles to extend the life of the other filters  (R3 model only)
● High-quality, reliable and very durable made with high end polycarbonate Carbon Fiber frames and stainless-steel canisters/quick-connects/fasteners
● Pumps capable of up to 2,000+ gallons per day
● High Flow Rate performance w/internal pump with a 3 GPM flow rate
● Small, lightweight, portable
● Compact and mobile at 9 - 14 pounds
● Simple 12v hookup or battery powered with solar compatibility option
● Visually unique, where design and performance come together
● World transforming ideation
● Environmentally green, eliminates the need to bring plastic water bottles on trips
● Low cost and redefines affordability
*water turbidity shortens the life of the filters.