Fraudulent Sellers Listing

It has come to our attention that the following stores are claiming to sell our patented product(s) and using our branded name of Blu Technology via Amazon Canada, Turkey, China, U.S., etc.

Please know these same companies are also selling their knock-off "like" products for over twice what our regular prices... for the 'same items'!

We want to protect our brand, our reputation, but also our customers health, especially after several scammed customer complaints stated they received potentially dangerous materials in their shipments, more specifically the filters. 

So please DO NOT buy from the following fraudulent sellers:

  • Sunribe CA
  • Black Kmk
  • FAST Media Ship USA
  • Charles D Harris1

Blu Tech only sells only in the United States via our website, and our U.S. Blu Technology Amazon store plus via a select few partnerships (please visit our partners page for details). 

Additionally, the below is a listing of companies under the same main owners who have repeatedly and fraudulently sold our products and claimed to be associated with Blu Technology. These same companies are KNOWN for numerous ongoing frauds documented by thousands of consumers complaints and have been reported to the authorities extensively. ALL THEIR ASSOCIATED COMPANIES have been reported to scam consumers, plus verified to sell cheap knock-off's and or not ship the purchased items all together.

• Ergodebooks
• Ergodebooks
• Ergode2016
• Vir Ventures Inc
• Virventures
• Ami Ventures
• AmiVentures 54
 Fast Media
• Fantastic Media
• Extremely Reliable
• DealClock
• Dealtz
• SportsDealbox
• Zabiva
• Petocart
• Toytooth
• Shopshiphappy
• Slickmedicalequipment
• Lightsdaddy
• Selectfurniturestore
• Carkart
• supermario
• Zabiva

Apptail International
Boson Technologies
India Ethnicity
India Everywhere
Malco Modes
Online Outlets Inc
Red Cup Living
Store Indya
Vizari Sport U.S.A Inc
Vizari Sports
Wristy Buddy

Owner info:

Ms. Amee Sanghavi, Co-Owner
Mr. Rupesh Sanghavi, Co-Owner
Phone Numbers
(866) 996-1801 Other Phone (281) 410-8820

BBB F Rating


They sell on their own sites plus on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Sears, uBuy, etc...

If you are aware of additional fraudulent sellers selling our products or claiming to be Blu Technology,  LLC (Blu Tech), please let us know and we will update our listing accordingly.

To all our Blu Tech customers, please stay safe and remain informed! :)