Blu Tech compatible Water Softener - Delivers in July 2022!! Other launches....

We have been listening and working hard to fulfill your request. In the coming months we will be releasing a few new products that will all be compatible with the quick connect you have raved about and the same high quality materials that you have come to trust.

 - YES!  A water softener will be here this summer.  Here in July 2022!!! And we have added the following per your requests:

 - Blu Technology Stainless Hose with Quick Connects to attach the R3 directly to the Water Softener

 - Blu Technology Stainless RV Hook Up Hose with Quick Connects to the RV and the Water Softener (or R2/R3/Rx/Rx+ directly)

  - Blu Technology 25ft Stainless Hose with Quick Connects to hook up to the source.

So all of your input and request have been listened to, so you can have a complete Blu Technology Stainless and Quick Connect system from the spigot to the the RV!


 - The other products are "top secret" but we are designing them to be add ons to your current systems....

 - DONE!  Thanks for the ideas!  "One item we are contemplating are 25' stainless steel hoses.  The same high quality ones that come with the RX and RX+, but as an accessory for all.  Please provide feedback."