Announcing Blu Tech's Water Filter Subscription 20% Off PLUS FREE SHIPPING SALE!

Afternoon water enthusiasts, Blu Tech is kicking off their Giving Back Thanksgiving Sales campaign TODAY with an incredible 20% off all their water filter subscriptions PLUS FREE SHIPPING! !! That's an additional $4.99 savings per order!

This offer is only valid from 11/10/22 - 11/29/22 when it will change to the standard 10% with $4.99 shipping for all subscription enrollment services! Regardless a GREAT deal as Blu Tech filters are above par quality plus blows away competitors pricing! 

So why pay regular prices plus shipping?! With this AMAZING DEAL you can't lose... GREAT FILTERS, no worry or hassle with forgetting to reorder as YOUR WATER FILTERS are auto billed and shipped every 3 months, PLUS FREE SHIPPING! And let's say you want to change, update, edit, skip, cancel, etc. your subscription, you have full control to do so... and it is EASY! A WIN WIN!

So if you need to get restocked or needing to stock up on quality filters at unheard of rock bottom prices.. then... this is your LUCKY DAY... CLICK HERE!

HURRY before this ONCE A YEAR sale ends 11/29/22!

NOTE: After the sales promotion dates, the price will change back to the regular discounted subscription rates (which are still good) yet will not be this good as this subscription sale is only offered 1 time per year during our Thanksgiving Sale promotions. As such we will not honor anyone signing up after the sale date ends demanding this promotion, even if they click through this blog post. No exceptions. Please read our terms of service and privacy policies for further details and/or concerns. 

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