📣 **Exciting Announcement from Blu Technology: Silent Auction!!!

Win an AR3 Water Filtration System at the Hershey RV Supershow 2023 Silent Auction! 🎉

** Blu Technology is delighted to invite you to this highly anticipated Silent Auction event! Join us for the chance to win the incredible AR3 water filtration system and revolutionize the way you enjoy clean, purified water at home! We believe that everyone deserves access to the purest water without any compromises. That's why we are participating in this unique Silent Auction, where you have the opportunity to take home our prestigious AR3 water filtration system. This state-of-the-art device combines cutting-edge technology and exceptional filtration capabilities, ensuring the highest quality of water with every drop you consume.

Here are the crucial details you don't want to miss:
📅 Auction Period: The online Silent Auction will begin on Monday, September 11th, and last until midnight on Friday, September 15th. Get ready for five days of bidding excitement!
🛍️ Gift Item Disclaimer: It's important to note that you can participate in the auction without needing to make a purchase to qualify for a discount. We aim to provide a fair and inclusive opportunity for everyone to potentially win the AR3 water filtration system.
📦 Item Collection or Shipping: Once you've successfully won the auction and become the lucky owner of the AR3 water filtration system, two convenient options are available for you. You can either pick up your prize from the Hershey RV Supershow office, where friendly staff will assist you, or you can choose the hassle-free shipping service for a fee.

Enhance your water quality at home and don't miss this incredible chance to win the remarkable AR3 water filtration system from Blu Technology. Join us at the Silent Auction and bid with confidence for the future of accessible, purified water!

For further information, please visit www.prvca.org or wwww.largestRVshow.com.

You may also reach out to our Director of Operations and Membership, Daniel Jusko, at daniel@prvca.org.

Happy bidding and best of luck to all participants! 💙💧

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  • Ingrid Buchanan

    Love your water filter!! Is there a sweepstakes for the water softener?

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